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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School Dress Guide

By this time you might be looking for deals for back to school dresses and other back to school essentials. Before you head out, here are few things to guide you while you shop for your daughter's back to school dress. We know that the kids want to go back to school with a dress that rocks but make sure it's rocking the dress code too. Best way to do this is to go to your child's school or check your school district website and re-read the dress code.
I've been also out window shopping for my teen daughter's back to school outfit but I am truly shocked to see that most of the stores want my daughter to dress like a 25 year old instead of 16! And of course not to mention that most of the dresses are either too short or too uhmmm...daring.

For little girls, stick with comfortable fabrics, light and airy. You would want them to be able to move around without sweating too much. Light colors would be okay too and even earth colors which is perfect for fall!

 Most of all, let the children keep their youth and let them enjoy ribbons and colors!


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