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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Throw a Tea Party

Since autumn is about to set in, how about saying good-bye to summer with a party? Tea parties are a great way to celebrate accomplishments, graduations, birthdays, special events, and (yes) even the changing of the seasons.  Throwing a tea party to mark the unofficial end  of the season can be a lot of fun for your little princess and for you too.  I bet she would love to work with you in the kitchen and make all the necessary preparations to help make a great, fun tea party :-)

If you’re worried about all the work, it helps to remember that all you need is a plan and some inspiration.

Here are a few tips.

1. Schedule the party in the afternoon.

2. Make a list of people to invite and create invitation cards. Inform them of the theme and ask them to wear fancy costumes.
3. Decorate the party place with inexpensive things like glitters and confetti.  Make a table centerpiece using a bowl of seasonal fruit.
4. Prepare savory snacks like scones, sweets, fruit and cheese before your guests arrive. Carefully put them all on the table (buffet style).  Use your best china, silver, and teapot.

5. Prepare flavored tea with milk or lemon. You may also serve other cold drinks. 

6. Plan some parlor games (e.g., Charades) that kids and older guests can enjoy.

7.  On the day of the party, wear your most fabulous outfit.  Don’t forget to dress your little angel in her favorite girl’s party dress.


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