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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top Party Themes

It helps to have cool ideas and know many different themes when you plan a special party for your child. So before you set the date, invite, decorate, and make the food, first choose an appropriate kiddie theme that she’ll like. Don't forget her girl's party dress, of course :-)

1. Disney Princess Party
Girls love to dress up in gowns and look pretty that’s why this theme is obviously a favorite among little girls. Simply ask guests to come dressed as their favorite Disney princess.  To prepare the place, sprinkle glitters and some small flowers on the tables and carpet for that shimmering effect.

2.  Mermaid Party
Got a pool? This theme is perfect in the summer.  I mean, who doesn’t love to hanging out at the pool? If what your little girl and her friends need is some fun in the sun, then you gotta go with a mermaid party. Yep, a cool mermaid party is definitely one of the best summer activities kids will love.  Just serve ice cream, and lots of lemonade.

3. Princess Tea Party
Always among the top picks, the Princess Tea Party theme is definitely one of the easiest to prepare. Simple ask guests to wear their fanciest costumes (e.g., Victorian-inspired dresses) and adorn the venue with cups and shiny pearls and flowers, feather boas and girly hats. Don’t forget to serve tea!


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