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Monday, September 20, 2010

Write a Review Contest at Elite Dresses

Hello friends!

I hope September is treating you well. Half of the month is gone but still no review sent or photo submitted.
I hope you'll be able to find time and do one or submit one.

Here's how to join the contest:

1. Write a review of the dress you bought
2. Submit a photo of your child wearing the dress you bough from us!
3. If you did both you get 2 entries!

At the end of each month, winners will be randomly picked and awarded $100 provided that the entries submitted within that month reaches 10 or more entries.
If not, the entries for that month will be carried over to the next month and most likely the prize for the following month climbs to $200! For complete contest guide click here.

Writing a review is really easy.
Go to the product page of the Elite Dress you bought and click on Write a Review or Read the Reviews
located just below the product photo.

I really hope you'll find time doing the review it's super helpful!

Thanks in advance,


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