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Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Suggestions

Is your Christmas gift list ready? I hope so! If not, here are ideas and suggestions for a nice gift this coming holidays:

1. Consider gift cards and gift certificates. But be sure that when you're buying them, ask about it's expiration and limitation. Git card and gift certificates are great way to give your giftee a chance to choose his or her favorite stuff.
When buying a gift certificate online, make sure you provide the steps on how to use it. Not all are Internet savvy, you know ;)

2. When kids are a bit older, it's hard to find gifts that they will appreciate. Why not give the entire family something they can all share and enjoy? Like a digicam, a digital photoframe, a family game when they have game consoles, personalized playing cards, personalized calendar, and the likes.

3. For toddlers, make sure you give age appropriate toys or at least a year or two advance to make sure that the kid will use it for a long time. The same principle when you decide to give a toddler dress, allow 1-2 size bigger to make sure the kid won't outgrow the dress.

4. Gift baskets are affordable and practical too. Buy woven baskets and fill it with Holiday goodies like pasta, pasta sauce,cheese,wine and the works.

5. Holiday cookies are a hit too!

Just remember that whatever you plan to give, if it comes from the heart, it will truly be appreciated.


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