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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play The Night Before Christmas Game With the Kids This Holiday!

It's a fun fun game and it will enhance the kids' imagination while having tons of fun.

Here's how you'll do it:

1. Gather the kids in a circle and let them sit.

2. Assign Christmas object per child like Christmas socks, reindeer, candy, gift, stars, drum, cane, etc.

3. A story teller stands in the middle preferably an adult to start the game, tells the tale of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS in his or her version and mentioning the Christmas objects assigned earlier.
As the objects are mentioned, the child corresponding to that object should stand up, turn around and sit with his or her back on the story teller.

4. If the story teller says the word SANTA OR SANTA CLAUS, all those who has their backs turned to the story teller should quickly stand up, turn around and quickly sit facing the story teller. The catch is, the story teller will need to tag one of those children before he or she sits. If the kid was tagged after she is sited he or she is safe.

5. Once tagged, the child will continue the story telling until he or she tagged another person. Until the tale of The Night Before Christmas is told.

It's really fun for kids and very exciting too! As the game needs frequent moving, the kids should be wearing comfortable clothes. Look here for girls holiday dresses that's comfortable AND affordable!


1 comment:

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Great idea! I can see this used at Birthday Parties & showers too.