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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shipping Costs - Why Priority?

Priority Mail is used because its the best deal for our customers.

Shipping costs, unfortunately.  And the Post Office just increased their prices!

I can offer shipping starting from $6.95 by using Priority and this is basically at my cost.  If I used UPS, I would need to charge $10 for the first dress and your dress would take longer to get there! Shipping I try to keep at our cost.  Sometimes it costs more than I charge, and sometimes less.  The headache of using a flat shipping charge.

And 1st class, it is only good for very light weight items, which dresses usually weigh more than 3.5 oz.

Parcel Post - Slightly cheaper than priority, but takes a LOT longer (2 weeks vs. 3 days for a little less) and a LOT more items get damaged.

May be I just start offering parcel post at $5.95 for the first item.  I just don't see it as being worth it honestly.

And I offer free shipping for orders over $85


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