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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Color Shades

A customer asked if I can send a color swatch for D008 a Burgundy Girls Dress because they have found out Burgundy has different shades.  I had to reply I don't have color swatches, but the main photo is correct for the color.

The challenge/headache of color is it changes depending on lighting, not to mention most computer monitors are not calibrated.  A dress in direct sun light will look different than with HID, Florescent, or halogen lights.

Ivory, Champagne, and Sage are colors I have seen vary a lot in color.  And of course yellow (what color is Banana Yellow... Question from Yesterday on a Sash for D060 White Sleeveless Girls Dress (this one I recommended they make their own Sash to match their wedding color perfectly - Sashes are super easy to make).


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