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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Competitor Sites - Not my fault...

Sometimes I am out of stock of a dress and the manufacturer is also and delivery is a while.  Or sometimes the manufacturer has discontinued it because they can't get the fabric.

In that case I suggest the customer go buy from a competitor, and sometimes I"ll even provide some url's from a quick google search.

One time the customer told me the competitors price was so much higher than mine.  Unfortunately nothing I can do about that.  I wish I could do more.

I was doing that yesterday for a pretty dress that I only have one left, of the wrong size for the customer.  I was surprised at what I found on competitor site.  They do not accept returns or exchanges at all.  And they have two stores in Malls as well as a web site!  And if you order from them, the order is not complete unless they contact you to say they can actually fulfill the order!  And if you order from them and they don't have the item, they just cancel the order.  And then you have to check the status and find out its been canceled. Wow!

Everything on elitedresses I try to keep up to date so you can order, and we can ship it right away.  When an item is not available, the dress should get hidden so you can't order.  We are not 100% perfect on this, but we try.  Our goal is to make buying as easy as possible for our customers.  Its interesting the amount of emails asking if an item is in stock and how soon it can be shipped. Many are amazed when I say 2-4 days for it to arrive.  It sounds like some businesses actually take 2-4 days to just ship a dress.  We try very hard to ship an order within 1 business day, many of them the same day.


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