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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FedEx Next Day verses USPS Express Mail

I am adding a shipping option for FedEx Next Day.

I have mixed feelings on it because of the cost, but when a customer absolutely needs it there Next Day, FedEx is the best option.

Express Mail is about half the price and it usually works 98% of the time.  For some areas of the US it's 2 days (Express Mail Commitments to check online).  I had one case where a dress was needed for a play, I sent it Express Mail and it did not get there the Next Day. And it was needed by 11AM the next morning.  So I paid for FedEx Early Morning Delivery ($85 at the time) to get a dress there on time.  The other dress finally got delivered the 2nd day by Express Mail and I could get a refund, but I am still out the extra cost for FedEx Next Day Early Morning.

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