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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The History of A Flower Girl

Long time ago, flower girls were in service to a bride and groom of Ancient Rome; carrying sheaths of wheat and herbs for blessings of fertility and prosperity.

Several years later,  Elizabethan brides and grooms would have a flower girl in their wedding procession immediately following a group of merry musicians.  This flower girl would carry a silver bride's cup adorned in ribbons and holding a gilded rosemary branch.  The entire path from the the bride's home to the officiating church was carpeted in rose petals and soft rushes.  Many tiny bouquets were prepared as gifts to wedding guests and the bride's family home was decorated with knotted ropes full of blossoms and greenery.

Throughout Western Europe, the tradition of child attendants in the wedding was not limited to a flower girl and ring bearer; but to the entire group of attendants to the wedding party.  This tradition will carry forth at present times in many royal weddings and society weddings of Western Europe.

The Victorian vision of the flower girl is perhaps our most vivid.  She is the young innocent in all white with perhaps a sash of colored satin or silk.  This flower girl will carry a beautifully decorated basket full of fresh blooms to welcome the newly married couple from the wedding altar.

In modern times, brides often select flower girl attire that mirrors their own beautiful wedding gown.  In times past, flower girls simply wore white frocks that were somewhat practical and intended for future use.  Today, flower girls will wear colors to match bridesmaids, some flower girls will wear a miniature version of the bride's own gown.

While fashion and tradition will forever evolve back and forth; the flower girl herself remains a consistent favorite within the wedding party.  She is the sentimental connection between childhood and womanhood; and the whimsical reminder to all on-lookers of how magical and brief is innocence and childhood.  And of course, the flower girl suggests to us all, including the bride and groom, how beautiful it is to have both children and love within the family. This is why brides give importance on the flower girl dresses as well.


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