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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Few Facts About Mother's Day

Even before Mother's day celebration was popularized, it was campaigned by Ann Jarvis but she died before Mother's day celebration was accepted. Few years later following her death, her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis continued her mother's advocacy to promote Mother's day as an annual holiday that celebrates motherhood and maternal bonds in recognition of all the mothers. She delivered 500 white carnation to local mothers and it was said that was the starting point of the celebration. Later, people has been accustomed to give mothers a white carnation during Mother's day which was officially celebrated as a holiday every 2nd Sunday of May. Due to the shortage of white carnation flowers, people were encouraged to wear white carnation if their mothers are still alive and wear red if their mother has passed away. 

Why carnation you ask? It's Ann Jarvis' favorite flowers and in honor of her, her daughter chose them to give to the mothers. Some would say that Mother's Day was highly commercialized but personally I see nothing wrong about it since it has a noble intention. Mother's day is celebrated to thank all mothers for the love and sacrifices they have given to the family. It is there to give honor to all mothers and their contribution to society.

This 2011, mother's day is celebrated on May 08, 2011. Are you ready for a nice celebration for Mom? Get your kids to wear only the prettiest girls' dresses on that day. No need to buy expensive ones, we got you covered on that one. Check out next week's sale them: MOTHER'S DAY SALE! :)

For now, celebrate and be merry because it's EASTER!


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