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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Is A Groom's Cake?

A Groom's cake was a common wedding practice in Southern America which was viewed by many as unnecessary. For some time the tradition was lost, but over the years and with this new wedding trend era, the concept of the Groom's cake is picking up again.
Groom's cake is a cake in honor of the groom. It's apart from the traditional wedding cake that the couple has. It is usually themed to whatever the groom's hobbies and interests are. The groom cake is served as part of the dessert and it's sliced, boxed and given to guests after the party. For some it serves as their wedding favor.

Here are some of the cute Groom's cake I've seen in the Internet:

It was also believed that if a single lady takes home a slice of the Groom's cake, she can put it under her pillow at night and she will dream of her future husband.

If you're a bride thinking of doing a groom's cake for your finace, make sure it's because you want to and not because you feel obliged to make one.

Of course a wedding is never complete without beautiful flower girl dresses.

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