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Monday, May 30, 2011

European vs. US Girl's Size Charts

I have not seen a conversion between US and European sizes for girls.

I just had a customer from Europe contacting me asking what size I would recommend for ages 6 and 10.

Aargh!  So I just did a bit of searching (Googling) and came up with nothing.

It seems there is a rough relationship between size and age for US sizes.  The challenge is kids vary so much in their shape, at the same age.

Future project - build a conversion chart between European and US Sizes.

And of course, US Sizes for Girls, just like for Women, can and do vary a bit.  For example at some stores my wife would wear a size (left blank so I don't get in trouble), and at other stores the next size up (again left blank so I don't get in trouble).  Which is just frustrating.

It would be nice if a size X at Nordstrom's, was the same as a size X at JC Penney's for example.  The X has no meaning as a size, and represents any number.

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