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Monday, November 28, 2011

First Communion Gift Idea

We receive Jesus Christ and our faith through the First Holy Communion that is why a First Communion Gift should be something special and should remind us about our faith. 
Here are some of the gifts that I believe is best for the Holy Communion.

1. Holy Rosary
 A Holy Rosary have a center medal with a Host and ciborium depicted. The cross, beads, and medal are all connected by chains so make sure that the Rosary for the child is sturdy. You can also go to any priest for the Rosary's Dominican blessing. This holy gift will definitely remind your child her faith and will make her closer to God.

2. First Communion Dresses
First Communion Dresses as a gift can be very thoughtful. Choose one that is modest, comfortable, and one that you can use to any other occasion. Tulle, tiered, or laced are great and girls will surely love because it will also make them look like a princess.

Tiered First Communion Dress by Elitedresses.com

3. Communion Jewelry
 A necklace or a bracelet with crucifix as a charm is also a great gift for the First Holy Communion. Embellish it with beads or add more charms to the bracelet to make it look really pretty. Your little girl will love it so much she will wear it everyday.

4. First Communion Veils
If you'll be giving First Communion Dresses as a gift, a First Communion Veil will be a good pair to it. The one with tiara can also make the little girl look like a princess.
First Communion Veil with elegant crown by Elitedresses.com

 5. First Communion Cakes
 And what is the best way to celebrate your child's Holy Communion! With a yummy cake of course! Make sure to take a photo of the cake before you let the kids eat so that you'll always remember what it looks like.

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