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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Privacy and Twitter

Lesson - Anything you say on the Internet, even as a joke, can be used against you.

And there is an infrastructure in the US that allowed a twitter joke to be picked up by the TSA, figure out the person was flying into LAX, and then detain them there and return them to the UK. I knew this was theoretically possible, but I am amazed at what was done with it. In line at airports, I am even scared to say anything negative since I don't need the headaches. My strong opinion is much of what is being done by the TSA is for show only and a feel good measure.


Mini Runway said...

Thats Crazy...Listen to Ron Paul, he continues to talk about and warn about this type of police state we are living in...

Ray Ritchey said...

I agree it's crazy, what bugs me is the lack of common sense. But the problem with a bureaucracy, is it's much easier/safer to say no and take zero risk, than say yes and take any risk.