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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparing For Her Very First Tea Party

Your daughter excitedly comes home with an invitation on-hand. She’s just been invited to her first tea party!

As memories of your past tea parties fill your head, you don’t know who’s more excited—your darling daughter or you. So how do you prepare for a tea party? Why, teach her tea party manners, of course. 

Girl's Elegant Blush Pink Dress with Pearl Trim
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Our Price: $54.99
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  • This dress stye is a true classic that never goes out of fashion
  • Zipper detachable gem and pearl trim at waist
  • Sizes: 2-14
Your daughter will look so beautiful in this lovely tea length dress.

Tea party countdown

No, you don’t have to speak in an English accent while drinking tea, but it certainly could put her in character. But kidding aside, it’s time to bring out a few teacups and practice how to lift a teacup and take a demure sip. Lifting a pinky while doing so is totally allowed.

It’s also time to take a look at her closet full of little girls party dresses. When it comes to the dress, the puffier, the better. The tea party is about playing dress-up too. 

Girl's Purple Flower Patterned Dress
Girl's Purple Flower Patterned Dress
List Price: $80.00 
Our Price: $47.99 
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(1 review)

  • Sash in Purple and ties at the back
  • With Flower Embroidery
  • Available in sizes 2 to 12
Perfect Spring dress for your little lady!

Girl's Fuchsia Chiffon Tent Dress with Satin bib neckline
Girl's Fuchsia Chiffon Tent Dress with Satin bib neckline
List Price: $45.00 
Our Price: $29.99 
You save $15.01!  
(1 review)

  • Pretty and comfy eggplant party dress for little girls.
  • Eggplant tent dress with bib neckline and flouncy skirt.
  • In sizes 2-14
  • Knee length

The day itself

Preparation begins a few hours from the party. Have her dress up and take your time fixing her hair. You can opt for a classic braid or have her down in large curls.

The moment of the party arrives. You excitedly enter a room full of pretty little ladies in little girls party dresses, and the magic begins. Your daughter is totally hooked. And you can’t help but smile and hope for the day she gets to share this moment with her child as well.

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