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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comfortable Flower Girl Dresses

What makes a dress comfortable? Fellow moms weigh in on what they look for in flower girl dresses. Thank you to all my friends who shared their thoughts with me.

Ivory A-lined Satin Long Dress with Removable Ribbon Sash
Ivory A-lined Satin Long Dress with Removable Ribbon Sash
List Price: $99.00 
Our Price: $54.99 
You save $44.01!  

  • A-line satin dress, long skirt
  • Empire cut made of top quality bridal satin
  • Limited sizes available until late April to early May
Want your daughter to look fresh and smart? This dress is for you! 

From Mommy Erin
“I ask the dressmaker to use cotton for the inner garment whenever possible. Flower girl dresses can frilly but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.’

Blue Sleeveless Ruffled Flower Girl Dress
Blue Sleeveless Ruffled Flower Girl Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $25.01!  

  • All American flower girl dress
  • Made with beautiful organza fabric
  • Available sizes: 2 to 10

  • Ruffled and sweet dress! 

    From Mommy Rachel
    “I always consider how heavy the flower girl dresses will be. Feather-light dresses almost always put the girls in a cheery mood. If the dress is bulky by nature, I pack a small bag of treats and sweets that my daughter can share with other flower girls. It takes their minds off the dress.”

    From Mommy Zinnia
    “The weather is an important consideration. The dress has to be warm during winter, and breezy during summer. I’ve been blessed that my daughter has had weather-appropriate dresses in the past years.”

    Girls' Bridal Satin Flower Girl Dress with Grosgrain Ribbon Sash
    Girls' Bridal Satin Flower Girl Dress with Sash
    List Price: $75.00 
    Our Price: $44.99 
    You save $30.01!  

    • Satin bodice
    • matte organza skirt
    • Size available 2-14
    Customize the dresses' waist ribbon color! 

    From Mommy Kris
    “What makes a dress comfortable? It’s when my daughter looks and feels her best that the dress is most comfortable. I always take initiative in suggesting flower girl dresses designs. Sometimes being a bride is so hectic, the flower girls are overlooked.”

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