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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun and Games at a Wedding

Weddings and games are two words that usually don't go together. A few days ago, I found myself at a wedding hat had three off-the-wall games during the reception. These were men tasked to find the bride by kissing hands, girls asked to find the groom by having men kiss their hands, and passing cake mouth to mouth. Speaking of non-traditional, I remember seeing a video on Youtube where the entourage gave a twist to the wedding march by dancing down the aisle to the tune of a dance song.

While traditional weddings are still the preference of many, the recent years have seen the prevalence of more modern-takes to this cherished ceremony. We are still overjoyed by seeing two people in love, expressing their desire to be together “'til death do they part”. But at the same time we're getting a laugh of two at lively variations to this tradition. So when it comes to wedding games, there are really no regulations as to what a bride and a groom can think of. Just play games that are in good taste, with no offending content. After all, there are kids in the party!

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