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Friday, June 15, 2012

Preserving Your Child's Mementos

Going through my family photo albums, I was teary-eyed seeing my child's photos when she was just a little baby. I started to look for more of my child's mementos. I was able to find her baby shoes, her first toy, and some other baby stuff that I kept in a chest in the attic. But some of her baby things were somewhat discolored with time. I was able to use some club soda to remove some of the discolorations, and then resolved to bring the rest to a professional cleaner. This made me look on line for ways to preserve my child's mementos. Here are a few tips I can share:

Puffed Sleeved Christening Gown
Puffed Sleeved Christening Gown
List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $57.99 
You save $27.01!  

  • 3 layers of satin and organza fabric
  • hand sewn embroidery in the neckline and hemline
  • Available baby sizes S-XL and little girls age 3 to 4 years old

1.     For formal dresses like Christening Dresses or gowns, flower girl dresses, her first party dress, boys' first baseball uniform, etc., use a garment bag, huge zip lock bags, a huge plastic container, or better yet, huge plastic vacuum bags so you can suck the air out to keep your child's' clothes “fresh”
2.     For baby shoes, baby sandals or baby slippers, zip lock bags work very well. But if you prefer, you can have them “bronzed” to keep them forever.

2-Piece Organza Christening Gown with Bonnet
2-Piece Organza Christening Gown with Bonnet
List Price: $105.00 
Our Price: $57.99 
You save $47.01!  

  • Simple, white organza Christening Gown
  • Include matching bonnet hat
  • Available baby sizes Size 0, 1, 2

3.     For old videos on 8mm film, have them transferred to DVD. There are many shops that can do that for you.
4.     For old photos, make full use of a scanner! Scan old photos and keep them on your computer, or transfer them to a DVD.

Puffed Sleeves Shantung Poly Christening Gown
Puffed Sleeves Shantung Poly Christening Gown
List Price: $195.00 
Our Price: $74.99 
You save $120.01!  

  • Shantung Poly Dress
  • With matching cape
  • Skirt is embroidered with "Our Lady of Guadalupe"
  • Available baby sizes 0-5 and little girls age 3 to 5 years old

These are some tips you may use to preserve your child's mementos. Do you have any other tips to share?

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