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Saturday, July 7, 2012

What to do this Summer – Throw an Afternoon Tea Party Part 2

Now that you have decided on the what, when and where. It's time to decide on the who and how (of course also what to eat).

Purple Taffeta Bubble Girls Party Dress
Purple Taffeta Bubble Girls Party Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $47.99 
You save $17.01!  

  • taffeta bubble dress with sheen
  • Zipper closure with tie back sash .
  • Knee length
  • Available in baby sizes and size 2 to 12

  • The Invitation – keep it simple. I prefer to send out small, hand written invites that my daughter has written. It's makes personal and more meaningful. You can find nice invitation cards at your local bookstore. But if your daughter prefers, she can send her friends an online invitation. When inviting, don't forget to mention the attire and remember, for outdoors afternoon tea parties, specify that they should wear something light. You don't want her friends getting hot and sticky. Not a pretty sight.
  • The Menu – choose light snacks that won't spoil easily, more important if you choose an out door venue. Cracker, cookies, scones, biscuits and natural fruit juice is a great menu for kids. Just choose snacks with less sugar than usual. You wouldn't want children on a sugar rush running around the place. Also, choose snack that aren't messy or gooey, you would want them to get stains all over their pretty girls party dresses.
  • The Ambiance – Let your daughter choose the music, games and activities that she wants for the party. Suggest light children's music and help her out by going online and choosing the activities and games she wants. You can find a lot of ideas online.

Girls Pink Short Party Dress with Floral Accent on Shoulder
Girl's Pink Short Party Dress with Floral Accent on Shoulder
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $34.99 
You save $30.01!  

  • Exquisite bubble dress with ruffle finish
  • Made of soft, comfortable satin, plus design makes dress easy to move in
  • Sizes available - size 4-14
She will be pretty and bubbly in this Pink bubble dress! 

Once everything is set and the party is on going, just sit back and watch your child have fun with her friends at her fabulous Summer Tea Party. Hey, don't forget to take pictures.

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