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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How the Flower Girl Came to Be

Have you ever wondered when flower girls became a tradition? Flower girls go back all the way to the time of Ancient Rome. These girls were considered to be in service to the bride and groom, carrying wheat and herbs as symbols of fertility and prosperity for the newly married couple.

Girls Beautiful Ivory Organza and Satin Formal Dress With Waist And Shoulder Accent
Girl's Beautiful Ivory Organza and Satin Formal Dress With Waist And Shoulder Accent
List Price: $48.00 
Our Price: $24.99 
You save $23.01!  

  • White satin top
  • Two layers of skirts: white chiffon over satin
  • Removable flowers are pinned on both shoulders and beautiful removable organza rosettes with streaming sage and cream ribbons
  • Available in girls' size 2 to 14
Classic style never goes out of fashion

Fast-forward to the Elizabethan era and we see a little girl bearing flowers preceding the wedding procession. The flower girl of that time would be carrying a rosemary branch, among others. And by the time Victorian era ushered in, flower girls wore distinct white gowns splashed with a little color or lace.

Girls Victorian Inspired Embroidered Dress
Girl's Victorian Inspired Embroidered Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $34.99 
You save $30.01!  
(1 review)

  • Mesh overlay with pretty embroidery on the skirt
  • Knee length  
  • Available in girls' size 2-12  
Victorian inspired dress

Enter the 21st century, and flower girls are still part of the wedding tradition. Flower girl dresses these days are designed to match and complement the gowns of the bridesmaids and the bride. While much has changed when it comes to fashion, it is obvious that the essence of the flower girl dress remains the same—purity, simplicity, and innocence.

Pink Organza Flower Girl Dress with Lace Bodice
Pink Organza Flower Girl Dress with Lace Bodice
List Price: $110.00 
Our Price: $47.99 
You save $62.01!  

  • Lace bodice 
  • With off center flower accent at the waist
  • Sizes 2-10
Classic and dainty. Comes in White or Ivory too!

So the next time your little princess is asked to be a part of the wedding entourage as a flower girl, say yes. Now you know the important role your child will play to the bride, and the beautiful symbolism behind it.

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