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Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking Your Best at Your School Picture

It’s school time again! Time for books, homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and the list goes on and on. But for some children and their parents, school pictures can be very frustrating. A bad hair day, a stain on your favorite dress, or even not smiling can ruin that school picture. And it will be forever immortalized in a photo. But it doesn’t have to be that way, just follow some simple can make that school picture a great one.

Purple Taffeta Bubble Girls Party Dress
Purple Taffeta Bubble Girls Party Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $47.99 
You save $17.01!  

  • taffeta bubble dress with sheen
  • Zipper closure with tie back sash .
  • Knee length
  • Available in baby sizes and size 2 to 12

  1. Don’t coach your child on how to smile – let your child smile on their own, let it come naturally, I’ve seen many photos where a child’s smile looked forced.
  2. Haircuts – Keep your child’s hair cuts or hair style simple. Don’t have it styled. For boys, a simple comb will do. For girls, just blow dry, or better yet, if she has long hair, fix her hair with a pony tail. Have your child’s hair cut at least 5-10 days before the picture taking so you and your child can get used to the new style. Don’t use caps or hats, the photographer will usually ask the child to take it off, leaving him or her with a “hat head”. And that’s not a pretty sight.
  3. Makeup – you really don’t need this. But if you must, just keep it very simple.
  4. Clothing – for boys, simple casual shirt and slacks will do. For girls, a simple dress like a girls party dress will be great.
  5. Accessories – Jewelries are pretty, but too much is not good. Have your child wear a simple necklace and stud earrings.

Girls Eggplant Party Dress with Floral Accent and Matching White Bolero
 Girls Eggplant Party Dress with Floral Accent and Matching White Bolero
List Price: $80.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $40.01!  

  • Vibrant eggplant color that will make your darling standout  
  • with  ribbon as belt comes with pinned flower on the waist
  • Available in girls sizes 2-12

Just keeping in mind these simple tips will make your child’s school picture a memorable one.

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