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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Frugal Way of Storing Clothes

Keeping seasonal clothes like sweaters, coats, formal wear, flower girl dresses, and Christening gowns can sometimes be costly. You have to buy garment bags, vacuum sealed bags, and a dehumidifier to keep moisture out of your closets. But if for some reason, you stored the clothes wrong or you if you forgot to remove a stain from a dress before you stored it, you might have to deal with several unsightly things. Garments can have mildew build-up and bad odor. You will then have to spend money to take it to the cleaners or completely throw the clothes away.

Girls Rose Organza Flower Girl Dress with Floral Accent
Girl's Rose Organza Flower Girl Dress with Floral Accent
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  • organza sleeveless dress with natural shirring
  • ruffled finish
  • Other pretty colors are available
  • Size available 2-12
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You don’t have to spend much on storing clothing. Just follow some simple tips and homemade tricks I’ve compiled for you, and you will be storing clothes like a pro.

Girls beautiful Ivory sleeveless formal dress with colorful sash and flower
Girl's beautiful Ivory sleeveless formal dress with colorful sash and flower
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  • Raw Silk Look and you choose the Sash Color!
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  • Available in Baby Sizes and Girl's Sizes 2-14
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  1. Remove stains – Before storing, you should remove stains as soon as possible to prevent it from setting permanently. You don’t need expensive stain remover or a dry cleaner for this. Just use some hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar or a small dab of liquid detergent, a used soft toothbrush and some elbow grease will take that stain away. Just wash lightly after.
  2. Vacuum pack your clothes – You think this would be expensive because you need to buy large vacuum pack bags for this, but fret not my frugal mother, a heavy duty garbage bag, a vacuum and duct tape or packaging tape will do the trick. Take a heavy duty trash bag, put the clothes you want to store, place the opening of the trash bag over 3-5 inches of the vacuum’s hose. Turn the vacuum on, once most of the air has been sucked out, take the duct tape or packaging tape and start sealing the trash bag just at the front of the vacuum hose. Be sure to leave the vacuum on while doing this. Once completely sealed, just place the vacuum sealed clothes in the closet. A good smelling tip, add a dryer sheet in with your clothes before sealing, this will keep your clothes smelling great.
  3. Keep moisture out of your closets – Moisture causes molds and mildew, a smell which isn’t pleasant. Place some charcoal in an old pantyhose or old sock and place it in your closet, this will keep moisture out. A great recycling tip-- save those desiccant packs or silicon pack you get from medicine bottles and use them instead of charcoal. Just be sure to keep them away from children.
Layered and Embroidered Christening Gown
White Layered and Embroidered Christening Gown
List Price: $150.00 
Our Price: $59.99 
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  • Organza overlay on top of satin dress
  • hand sewn embroidery on the overlay
  • Available baby sizes S-XL and little girls age 3 to 4 years old

With these simple frugal tips and tricks, you can keep your clothes fresh all year round.

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