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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dress Up Your Halloween Candy

Here’s a neat idea for Halloween. Why not dress up your Halloween candy? I remember when I was young, one of my trick or treat's highlights was getting candy that was dressed up for Halloween. It was nice to see that the candies were also in costume like me. So today, I've compiled some simple and cute Halloween candy dress up ideas:
  • Ghost Pops – Wrap lollipops or brownie pops in white paper napkins or white cloth (cut into 5 x 5 inch squares). Tie it at the head (where the candy or brownie is connected to the stick) with some white yarn or string. Make eyes and mouth with a black marker.
  • Monster Candy Bars – cut scary heads, arms and legs out of construction paper and use colored markers to add in more detail. Then tape them with clear tape to your favorite candy bar.
  • Royal Candy Bags – buy some white mesh bags at your local craft store. With a glue gun, decorate the bag with lovely shiny accessories like rhinestones, sequins and beads. Fill them up with candy and close the top with some gold or silver colored string (you can also find them in the craft store). Great to give to little princes and princesses.
With these simple ideas, you will surely be a hit on your block. The kids will say, “That house gives out the coolest candy!”.

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