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Monday, October 1, 2012

Here Comes a Little Ladybug

We just had a new dress come in, our Red Velvet Sleeveless Polka-dot Dress (DAG555). It's so unique and lovely that it gave me another great Halloween costume idea, a cute and adorable ladybug! All you need to add are some black stockings, black gloves, black shoes and homemade ladybug antennae and ladybug wings.
Red Velvet Sleeveless Polka-Dot Dress
 Red Velvet Sleeveless Polka-Dot Dress
List Price: $150.00 
Our Price: $64.99 
You save $85.01!  

  • Lovely Red Velvet Dress
  • Adorned with black velvet polka-dots
  • black velvet band accent at the hem of the skirt
  • Sizes: 2,3,4,5,6

Here's how we make the homemade ladybug antennae:

What you will need:
  • A hard plastic (or metal) headband, in black if possible
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • clear tape or hot glue gun
  • small black or red pom poms (you cut out small circles, about the size of a nickel, out of black construction paper, if you want)

What you will do:
  1. Attach two black pipe cleaners to the top of the black head band. You may want to use tape or a hot glue gun to secure the piper cleaners firmly to the headband.
  2. Hot glue gun the black or red pom poms to the ends of the pipe cleaners (or you can tape the small circle you made to the ends of the pipe cleaners)

Here's how to make the homemade ladybug wings:

What you will need:
  • A large cardboard circle, around 18 inches in diameter
  • heavy duty scissors
  • red duct tape
  • red spray paint
  • Black construction paper
  • glue
  • red shoe lace

What you will do:
  1. cut into equal halves the cardboard circle
  2. cut 2 pieces of red duct tape, around 5-6 inches long
  3. place the top end of the two halves of your circle, pointed ends touching each other, on one piece of the duct tape. It should look like you are opening the circle slightly.
  4. Now place the other piece of duct tape covering the pointed ends
  5. Spray paint the whole wings
  6. Cut different shapes of circles out of the black construction paper
  7. When the paint dries, glues the black circles on the front of the wings
  8. Now punch 4 holes, two on each side of the duct tape/cardboard connection
  9. lace the red shoe lace

Place the finish ladybug antennae on your child's head and fit the ladybug wings. You now have a lovely ladybug ready for Halloween!

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Kero said...

soo cute! I will share your site to a fellow Mom who is out of her wits trying to make a Halloween costume for her darling daughter. it's their first official Halloween celeb so she wishes to go all out =)

CrescentFire said...

Oh my... that's such an adorable dress! Perfect for the little girls! I'm thinking of maybe gifting this one to my niece :D

jo-ann said...

Great tips, your'e a genius when it comes to fashion and art.

Sumi Go said...

This is so cute! :D I'd love to get one if only I have nieces.. >.< But no, what I have are nephews :(