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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eco-friendly and Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas

After shopping for Christmas presents, you need to wrap it up! While it's fun to wrap presents, you often find that most Christmas wrappers are expensive for something that would be ripped off and thrown after. Elitedresses.com is a huge fan of recycling and reusing materials that could have multi purpose and ultimately help save the Mother Earth.

here are fun ideas on using eco-friendly and inexpensive gift wrappers for the holidays:

Use Newspaper as gift wrappers

We recommend newspapers on small to medium sized presents because you don't want to give black inks on your loved ones hands when they receive the present.We also love using the funny,cartoon section of the newspaper so it looks more pretty. Tie a black or red satin ribbon to finish the look.

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 Use the Furoshiki gift wrapping technique

 Furoshiki is a Japanese technique of wrapping presents or lunchboxes using a large cloth.

You don't need to buy expensive cloth to wrap your presents. You can use large hankies, pashmina, scarves that you can all buy at the dollar store. If not, you can use pashmina you bought as part of the wrapper and the present.


Use your child's artwork

Instead of collecting (or throwing away!) all of your child's artwork in a white paper (or any paper for that matter), use it as a wrapper instead. It's more personalized plus you get to save a lot from buying expensive wrapping papers. 

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We hope that you got ideas on how to wrap presents this Holiday! Need Christmas presents for your daughter, grand daughter and nieces? Check out our Holiday dresses collection and let us help you in picking the right Christmas dress for her.

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