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Monday, November 19, 2012

Feedback That Brightens Up Elitedresses.com

 We received this awesome comment from our Facebook page 


We do Next Day shipping as a favor to our customers. 
Next Day Shipping is a huge headache for us, and I totally understand why many companies would do 2-3 days. Any time we have a next day, we personally take it to the post office or FedEx Office by the deadlines.
We have a separate track for Express Shipping, compared to our regular shipping.

 I'd like to think that we do have a fair shipping option and for us Shipping isn't a profitable area. It should be at a fair price both ways.

For more of our FAQ on Shipping, click here

Another cool chart we did:

Size Chart Conversion Table- Guide to US Sizes in cross reference to European, Japanese and Australian sizes 

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