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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mom's Craft Idea: DIY Christmas Bell

Bring out the creativity within your little daughter.  Teach your child to create a simple Christmas décor that she can display in her room during the Holidays.

What you will need:
·         Red paper cup
·         Small Christmas balls
·         Red and silver Lace
·         Scissors
·         String

 Here’s how to do it:
1.       Punch a small hole at the bottom of the cup.
2.       Attach a string on the Christmas ball. 

3.       Loop the string around a piece of rolled paper to serve as a stopper.
4.       Insert the other end of the string into the hole.
5.       Make a ribbon out of the lace and tie it into the string just above the bottom of the cup.
6.       Hang the bell anywhere around your room to serve as a Christmas décor.

Alternatively, you may use paper or styro-cups in different colors.  Spread with a thin layer of glue on the surface of the cup, and sprinkle glitters all over, then let dry.  Then follow the steps above.

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