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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mom's Craft Idea: DIY Crafty Hanger for Kids years old and up

Things you will need:
Open hooked Hanger
Cardstock paper
Construction papers in different color
Googly eyes
Step by step guide:
1.  Fold the cardboard in the middle and place the bottom of the hanger in between the fold. 
2.  Trace the body of a hanger onto the cardboard.
2.  Cut out the shape, and tape the sides of the cardboard, leaving the body of the hanger wrapped inside the cardboard.
3.  Cut out 2 circles that are bigger than the Googly eyes, and glue on the cardboard.  These shape will serve as base for the Googly eyes.
3.  Glue the Googly eyes on the circles.
4.  Cut out a rectangle with round tips to serve as nose, and cut out a lip shape.
5.  Glue the shapes on  the cardboard to make the face.

You can make different designs depending on what your kids  like to see often in their closets.  The face could be designed from a cartoon character they love, or from a pet they adore...  in this case, I designed 

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