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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ready for a Sewing Emergency

  As a mother of active children, I have to be ready for anything. My bag has a small first aid kit for those small "accidents", hand sanitizer to clean those active little hands, and a stain remover pen to erase stains before they set. But one thing I find important for me to have in my hand bag is a emergency sewing kit. This comes especially handy during formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties. Having an active child, you are sure to get a small rip, a button falling off, or a loose thread. Having a small emergency repair kit will save your child from an embarrassing moment.

Here's what you should have in your emergency sewing kit:
  • sewing needles - have ones in different sizes for different types of fabrics.
  • threads - carry them in neutral colors like white, black, tan and grey. You can wrap them around a small piece or cardboard to keep them organized.
  • safety pins - having a handful of these is a good idea. They are a quick fix if you are pressed for time.
  • double sided tape - this is not just for holding paper or small items securely in one place. Use this to quickly fix a loose seam or keep down a stubborn bow.
  • buttons - having a small pack of clear buttons is a good idea. They work perfectly if you happen to lose a button her or there.
  • small scissors - you made need this to cut a few loose threads or a loose piece of cloth.
  • fabric glue - like the double sided tape, a quick fix for those loose hems or loose accessories. Better to use this on hems and seams.
Find a small padded bag that you can tuck into your bag for those wear and tear situations. Be careful that your container's fabric isn't too thin or the needles and pins can pierce through, and in that case, you'd probably need a first aid kit too

This column is written by an EliteDresses.com staff member

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