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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Table Calendar

This week must be a busy one for moms, so we would just be recommending a DIY craft that is timely,
relevant and very easy to make with your daughter 6 years old and above… a Custom-made Table


6 pcs bond paper
6 pcs A4 Photo Paper
Colored Folder


1. To make the stand, use the colored folder.

2. Print the calendar leaves on the bond paper, 2 calendar months on each paper with 4x6 inches

* Search and download free calendar templates on the web. Alternatively, create the calendar either in
MS Word or MS Spreadsheet, but make sure that the dates fall on the right day of the month. Create 2
calendar leaf on 1 sheet of bond paper.

3. Once all of the 12 calendar leaves have been printed, staple the top on the upper part of the folder;
or cut each calendar leaf and staple on the one side of the calendar, print 12 photos on a 4x6 inches
photopaper and staple them on the other side.

4. Embellish your calendar to your heart’s content.


Think ahead who among the family members are celebrating birthdays on a particular month, print their photos on an 4x6 photopaper.

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