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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do It Yourself Arts and Crafts Bracelet for Girls!

A Mother's Crafty Idea: DIY Button Bracelets

A common accessory among girls is bracelets, and creating a fabulous one is literally as easy as counting 1-2-3.  Show your little girls just how creative they can be to make their own bracelets made of buttons, used or new... no doubt, it will surely delight them.


2-hole Buttons
Elastic cords or nylon cord

Cut the cord long enough to wrap around the wrist, but make sure to make at least 1 inch allowance so that it will be easy to tie later.
Thread the elastic cord from the back hole passing over the top hole of the button.
Repeat the process until the length of the cord is already filled with buttons.
Tie both ends of the cord to lock the bracelet.  Trim the excess cord.
You may use buttons of different shapes and colors, and you can do this for less than 30 minutes.  Just enough time to customize your little girl's bracelet to compliment her outfit.

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