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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saving up for Prom

Nowadays, people are more likely to spend a lot on Prom dresses. I read an article about it on nbcnews.com and it came as a shock to me that some people are willing to spend an average of $500 for prom, starting from the dress.

A Prom dress usually starts from $100 and up. More people now are buying from an online store since they want to be unique and matchless. An average of $1,139 per family has been in preparation for prom. Wow. And just to think it’s just a day of an event. The good thing is you can sell the dress afterward.

It amazes me that teens are willing to save up some money to spend on their prom. Visa, which is a credit card company, surveyed and found that parents plan to spend 59% of the total cost of prom and the rest is paid by the teens themselves. This is a good way of teaching the kids about budgeting and saving money since apparently prom is very important to them.

Start your kids early and teach them to save on a dress they like to purchase online. Look at our vast collection of little girls dresses perfect for any occasion. Ask them to choose a dress they like and tell them you’ll pay 60% while they save and pay the remaining 40%. 

 How much did you spend on prom this year? Share and comment below!


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