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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old T-Shirt Head Band

If you have lots of old T-shirts found after spring cleaning, don’t put it in the donate pile yet! Here’s a great way to be crafty with an old shirt!

What you need: An old shirt, scissors, fabric glue and design accessories (optional).

How to do it:
1.) Cut a strip of shirt to the desired width.
2.) Measure head and cut the excess.
3.) Glue the design on the band or you can make a flower/bow out of the same old shirt as well.
4.) Glue the ends together.

I love how you can make it so personal and how it can fit anyone, may it be you or your little princess.

I think this style will be super cute on our little daughters for spring and summer.

Pair these up with our floral dresses available here at Elitedresses.com

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Flower power!

Happy Crafternoon!


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