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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What to do on Mother's day?

Mother’s day is so near and many people are still asking “What to do on Mother’s day?”.

This is one day we can give back to our moms for all the things she did for us and make her feel oh so special. So what could we do on Mother’s day? Here are a few ideas:

1.)    Buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers the day before mother’s day and surprise it to her in the morning when she wakes up along with a very healthy breakfast in bed.
2.)    Treat your mom in a “Spa day” where she can relax and get that massage she’s been craving and needing for weeks.
3.)    Go on a “Shopping spree”. What better way to spend time with your mom that spending and shopping.
4.)    The day isn’t complete without dessert. Go on a chocolate or gelato shop and treat your mom on a yummy dessert to satisfy her sweet tooth.
5.)    Create a photo album of memories. Your mom will surely love reminiscing the great memories she had with you.
6.)    Plan a weekend getaway for her. Find out where she would most likely love to go and plan everything that she won’t have to do anything but relax when she gets there.
7.)    Take her out for a private dinner or make dinner for her. Cook up one of her favorite meals and set the table and let her relax and enjoy her meal while you serve her.

Whatever you do, just make this day special for your mom. Make her feel relaxed and loved.

What are your plans on Mother’s day? If you have more interesting ideas, do share it below!


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