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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tips for getting a Girls Dress that Fits

How to Get A Girls Dress That fits

Girls Dresses vary depending on the style. A size 12 in one style, may be a size 10 in another. Just like Women's sizes vary, so do girls sizes. Unfortunately, there is no standard for dress sizes in the US, for girls or for Women.

What we have done, is create different size charts for each dress. Yes, that was a lot of measuring, since most of our suppliers don't give size charts.

I have the measurements, but I still Need help!

Send us the measurements along with the product code of the dress you like, and we will actually measure the actual dress to be shipped. Dresses are not 100% exactly the same even if the same style and size, they vary a little bit.

Tips for Getting The Right Size:

  1. The most important measurement for dresses, is around the chest. Nobody wants to have to do, what Carrie Fisher did to play Princess Leia.
  2. Note the size your daughter usually wears. Ordering a size 2, when your daughter usually wears a size 6 will not end well. 
  3. Leave room for under garments.
  4. It's always better to go larger, than smaller in sizing. Most of the dresses I sell, have a bow in the back, that gives some adjustment.
  5. Give room for growth. Growth spurts do happen.
  6. If you can't get actual measurements, use a dress that fits your little one and measure that.
  7. If a dress is listed on elitedresses as a 3/4 for example, it's a size 4. It's the size the manufacturer puts on the label.

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