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Friday, March 6, 2015

Why is that amazing Dress discontinued?

Why is that amazing Dress discontinued?

We get these calls all the time.

Typical Conversation:

I would like XZY dress in a size 10? Do you still have it. It's a super beautiful dress that would be perfect for my daughter! And I can't find it anywhere else.

That is a beautiful dress, but I am sorry, we only have it a size 2 available. The dress is no longer made. I believe the reason is the manufacturer could not source any more fabric.

Would this other dress work?

So why do dresses get discontinued?

Fabric Availablity

Sometimes the fabric is no longer available. I have seen this happen several times, where the dress manufacturer is no longer able to get the fabric.

Quality Issues:

There are to many quality issues. I have seen this with a Cotton Dress that is super beautiful, unfortunately the fabric has quality issues. And since the manufacturer only makes a few dollars per dress, having a bunch of quality issues is a huge problem.


Some dresses are only made seasonally.

Out of Style

Some dresses go out of style. An example is, one of our major suppliers is seeing lower demand for long dresses, so they are discontinuing many styles.

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