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Friday, March 6, 2015

Why you don't want a dress too tight

Why you don't want a dress too tight for your little Girl!

Please, always order a bit larger.


  1. If you order too tight, your child will have problems breathing
  2. Little girls can be a bit active, so having a dress too tight is courting disaster.
  3. It will be hard to get the dress on and off.
  4. If your in colder weather, you will want additional room for under-garments. If a dress is too tight, this will be a headache.
  5. Some dresses do not stretch, because of the type of fabric used.
  6. You are risking popping the seams of some dresses if it's to tight.
  7. The dress will bite under the arms, and be uncomfortable to wear.
  8. Kids grow, especially if your ordering far in advance of an occasion.
  9. Most dresses can be adjusted a bit with a belt, so there is no reason to have the dress too tight.

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