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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flower Girl Mom or Caregiver—Tips for getting their help

Flower Girl Etiquette—Why Her Caregiver Deserves Consideration


Flower Girl Etiquette—Why Her Caregiver Deserves Consideration

You want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, and while you have a lot on your plate, you can’t forget the people that make your special day possible. Your flower girl adds an adorable and memorable component to your day, but in the flurry of wedding planning and execution, how can you make sure that she isn’t lost in the shuffle? Whether your flower girl is an adorable niece or a distant family friend, her mom or caregiver is your best resource for setting her up for success. When planning your wedding, you need to establish a good relationship with her caregiver to ensure that your flower girl will have a good experience.

Why is Your Flower Girl’s Caregiver Important?
  • You are asking a lot of them—You may think that your selected flower girl is overjoyed at the prospect, but her caregiver has just been given a big responsibility. He or she is now tasked with paying for a significant expensive, one-time-use dress, showing up to multiple events, and stressing out over ways to make that little angel behave and perform.
  • They are essential to your flower girl’s participation—From helping her learn what is expected, to getting her ready, your flower girl’s caregiver is her ultimate source of information and support. Your need to communicate with this person courteously and effectively at all times, and always make sure that you give your flower girl’s needs consideration.
  • They are can be a great asset—If the caregiver is not in the wedding, you still know that he or she will be another present person at multiple events. You may be able to utilize this to help in other areas. Just be sure that you approach this possibility with ultimate caution and ultimate courtesy.

After your wedding, remember that your flower girl’s caregivers deserve equal thanks and acknowledgement. They were an unseen hand that created your picture-perfect moments, and you should treat them as such.

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