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Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Chinese Wedding Coloring Pages

I added a couple more images for my Chinese Wedding Coloring Pages that are Printable! So now I am over 12 images on the page!

Bit of a funny story on this one. I had asked the Graphic Artist who is doing these coloring pages to do a receioving line, and I assumed it would be American Wedding Customs and Traditions, because I was updating the American Wedding Coloring Pages.

Instead, I got back a Receiving Line - Chinese Wedding Coloring Page. For the Wedding Cake Coloring Page there was a Chinese symbol in the back.

Hmm, not what I want, but the Coloring Pages are so well done! What to do!

So I kept the Chinese Receiving Line coloring page and for the Wedding Cake Coloring Page I created one without the Chinese Symbol.

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