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Monday, May 4, 2009

Amidala dress Chinese Inspired or Mongolian?

It's May 4 and it's Star Wars Day! Happy Star Wars Day, everyone.

I couldn't pass up this day without connecting our blog post about this.

I'm no expert, so please indulge me:

Is Queen Amidala's throne dress Chinese - inspired?

Looks Mongolian. But it does look Imperial Chinese. And her pale kabuki face is definitely Japanese. Confused, I am.

In the Padawan's Guide to Costumes, reference was made to the collar and head dress resembling a Qing Dynasty royalty collar and winter hat.

So as I looked at Qing Dynasty clothing influences, I've found it can also be seen in the dress with no waistline, and U-shaped sleeves to cover the hands.

Again, I am not an expert in Chinese dress history. Just somebody happily paddling along to learn something new each day. If anybody can please share to teach us more, please do leave a comment :-) Thanks.

PS ... I didn't get the date's connection with the occassion. It's supposed to be, "MAY THE 4TH be with you."

* * *

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Small Town Mommy said...

I can't help you with inspiration but I have to agree, it is a beautiful dress. I have already stolen your May the 4th be with you and forwarded it to the geeks in my life :).

Unknown said...

Yes, please do spread the geeky fun LOL. Thanks for dropping by again.