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Monday, July 16, 2012

Christening Gowns: To or Not To Recycle?

I came across an article of a family that passed down a Christening dress generation to generation. The highlight of the story was that the same christening gown has been worn by 20 people in their family. Photos of the gown by different people were shown. I was amazed that the dress managed to look the same through the years, and still looked like new when it was last used in 2011. That's one quality dress!

Traditional Christening Gown with Capsleeves
Traditional Christening Gown with Capsleeves
List Price: $100.00 
Our Price: $57.99 
You save $42.01!  

  • Timeless Christening gown 
  • Dupioni silk fabric
  • Available baby sizes XS-XL

It got me thinking, “Given the chance, would I pass down a Christening gown?”. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter. I'd love to hear what you think too!

Pastor Style Cotton Christening Gown
Pastor Style Cotton Christening Gown
List Price: $95.00 
Our Price: $49.99 
You save $45.01!  

  • Could be used by your baby boy or baby girl
  • 100% cotton pastor style Christening gown 
  • Available baby sizes XS-XL
Comfortable baptism dress for your precious one 

A Christening Dresses makes a good heirloom
Passing it down from generation to generation could be a unifying bond shared by the family. Imagine the value of wearing something your grandma wore when she was little? This would be tricky though as each family should make a pledge to keep the dress in the best condition possible.

Keeping it clean is a question
In the older days, baptismal ceremonies were much simpler. Today, there is a celebration filled with food and drinks that can possibly stain the dress as the child is passed on from one relative to another. The Christening gown should be removed after the ceremony and stored for dry cleaning the next day. 

Embroidered Organza Christening Gown
Embroidered Organza Christening Gown
List Price: $75.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $35.01!  

  • Beautiful embroidery on the dress skirt
  • Include matching bonnet hat
  • Embroidered Organza
  • Available baby sizes XS-XL

Make sure the next person wants it
If you're passing down a Christening gown to another person or relative, make sure he or she is okay with your idea. Not all parents might appreciate your gesture. When in doubt, keep your child's Christening gown and save it for your next child.

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