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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Smaller the Better

A few days ago, one of our staff took a leave to attend a wedding. Upon his return, he excitedly shared his highlights:

“About two days ago, I attended the wedding of my wife's cousin and best friend. It was a civil wedding held only with immediate family and a few guests-- which brought the guest list to 25 people. The ceremony had a semi-casual feel as the guests were asked to dress nicely but comfortably. No need for fancy gowns and coats. I thought this was a great idea as all attention was put on the bride and the groom. The bride wore a simple yet elegant tube dress, complemented by a pink and yellow bouquet. Meanwhile, the groom looked sharp in a suit with his tie matching the bride's bouquet.

The ceremony was held in a garden setting. Guests were treated to a wonderful view, and a cool breeze that refreshed us as much as the wedding did. And during the exchange of vows, we were all brought to tears. I remember clutching my wife's hand as I remember how we exchanged vows many years ago.

After the wedding, all the guests sat in a long dining table highlighted by a flower centerpiece and candles. I must say it was quite romantic. All the guests wined, dined, and shared laughter-- all feeling so special to be a part of such a small entourage. And as the sun set, the garden lit up with dangling lights and bright candles. We all raised our glass for a toast to the bride and groom, and to each other. What a memorable, intimate wedding that was.”

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