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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lovely Little Red Riding Hood

I was looking at the dress we had and came across a lovely red dress we had in stock, our girls' red capped sleeve taffeta formal dress (D108). I said to myself, this would make a nice little red riding hood costume, all you need is a cape. Here's a simple cape idea you can use.

Girls Red Cap sleeved Taffeta Formal Dress
Girl's Red Cap sleeved Taffeta Formal Dress
List Price: $75.00 
Our Price: $30.99 
You save $44.01!  

  • Fully lined and gives that pretty bouncy look
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Available in baby sizes and girls' sizes 2-12
Let your daughter feel like the dazzling princess she is! 

What you will need:
  • an old red Christmas tree skirt
  • old red pillow case
  • scissors
  • simple sewing kit (if you can't sew, a hot glue gun or hemming tape will do)

What you will do:
  1. Because it's a Christmas tree skirt, be sure to clean it very well, better if you put it in the wash.
  2. Once dry, cut a hole a little larger than the neck of your child.
  3. Fold in the edges where your cut the hole (around a half an inch or so) and sew the edges down (you can use hemming tape or a hot glue gun if you can't sew). This is your cape. Now for the hood.
  4. Cut one long side of the old red pillow case (on the fold) from the open end to the closed end.
  5. Fold in the edges where you cut, about ½ inch and sew like the you did with the cape.
  6. Try the hood on your daughter, cut off any excess fabric. It is important that the hood cover the back of the head until a little pass the shoulders.
  7. Now place the cape you made, making sure that the ends of the hood will be under the cape. Tip: you can secure the hood to the cape with some hemming tape.

Now all you need is a small wicker basket as her Halloween candy bag and she's off to see her grandmother.

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