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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wind up Doll Costume

This is a great costume idea I saw online, a wind up doll. You can transform your little girl into a wind up doll by using any of our knee length or tea length dresses like DKC1185B, DKC1214I or DKD303L (But any of our dresses will do, as long it has a zipper at the back).  All you need is to add white knee high socks, dark colored shoes, simple make up and a winding key and your daughter is all set to go. Here’s how to make the winding key:

Blue Satin Bodice with Layers of Tulle Skirt Flower Girl Dress
Blue Satin Bodice with Layers of Tulle Skirt Flower Girl Dress
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Our Price: $44.99 
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  • matte satin, off shoulder neckline with spaghetti straps 
  • Sash and flower in the waist is adjustable and ties at the back
  • Available in girls' size 2-12

Elegant Ivory Satin Flower Girl Dress with Lace Trim
Elegant Ivory Satin Flower Girl Dress with Lace Trim
List Price: $110.00 
Our Price: $48.99 
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  • Satin bodice 
  • Two tier skirt
  • Sizes 2,4,6,8,10
Perfectly tailored for your little princess
Girls Lavender Floral Printed  Dress
Girl's Lavender Floral Printed Dress
List Price: $80.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $40.01!  
(1 review)

  • bursts of flowers printed on the dress
  • with matching sash and flower on the waist
  • Available in sizes 2 to 12
Flower power! 

What you will need:
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Silver spray paint
  • String
  • Safety Pins

What you will do:

  1. Out of the cardboard, cut a key shape (usually it’s a large number 8 with a long shaft in the middle but you can just cut out a capital letter T to make it easy)
  2. Cut a small card board square (should be the same length or slightly bigger as the end of your winding key. This will be the base of your key where you will attach to your child
  3. Using duct tape, tape the end of the winding key to your cardboard base. Tip:use tape on both sides of the key(like flaps).
  4. Spray paint the whole thing silver
  5. When it’s totally dry, make two holes on the base, one on each side and thread the string. This will go around your daughter.

Now you can dress up your child.

  1. First, place the winding key at the back of your child, securely tying it with the string (but not too tight).
  2. Then fit the dress, making sure that the winding key stick out from the back. Don’t close the zipper, just use safety pins to close the top of the dress.
  3. Next, fit the socks and shoes
  4. Lastly, apply simple make up; white foundation, red blush and red lipstick.
  5. You could put a hair bow if you want
Wind up your daughter, and she’s ready to go.

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