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Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Decorative Candles Perfect for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is only days away so I have here a tutorial for making an ordinary, plain candle and turning it into something beautiful to give to your mother or it can be an activity you can do with your kids on Mother’s day.

What you need: New/used Candle(Preferably white, cream, tan or beige), Glue stick, tissue paper (facial), hair dryer, printer and design materials(optional)

How to do it:
1.) First you have to find the image you want to put on the candle. It can be a picture of you, your mother, your kids, grand kids, or the whole family. 

This is the Image that I used.
2.) Insert the image to Microsoft Word. Make sure it’s on landscape mode.  Adjust the image on the center of the page and make sure it’s the same size as your candle. 

3.) Attach a piece of tissue paper (1 ply) to a piece of paper by putting glue around the edges.  This will keep the tissue paper in place as it goes through the printer. Load the tissue paper into the printer and print the image onto it.

You can see how the image is just at the middle of the tissue paper.
4.) Cut the tissue paper along the side where the glue is. Make sure that it’s the same width (or a little smaller) than the height of your candle.

5.) Wrap the tissue strip around your candle to make sure it fits.  Put a line of glue directly on the candle where the end of the tissue meets to hold the tissue in place.

 6.) Blow the heat using the hair dryer at the candle moving slowly over the tissue paper. Don’t stay in one place too long or the wax will start to pool. As the wax begins to melt, it will seep through the tissue paper. Shortly your whole candle will be smooth wax with the tissue paper image underneath. Look at the image below.
The wax is seeping through the tissue paper.
 7.) Design your candle with embellishments like buttons, beads, ribbons, etc. I have some beads and gemstones lying around so I used that to design my candle.
End Result!
You can wrap your candle with a clear plastic and add some raffia or ribbon to the top as your finishing touch. 

Advance Happy Mother’s Day!


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